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Training Programs

Early Economics, Inc. offers a comprehensive program of training, planning and implementation for the creation of successful democratic business enterprises.

Free 1 hour introductory course

  • Business Start-up Planning - Provide a planning guide for data gathering, analysis and business plan writing.
  • Introduction to Economic Democracy – An orientation class that teaches the basic benefits, philosophy and structure of worker-owned businesses and democratic enterprises.

Low Cost Training Courses      

  • Planning Democratic Economic Systems – A course on the responsibilities of employee-owners, the Board of Directors and Management of a Democratic Enterprise and how to select the best people for each role.
  • Employee-owned Business Organization – A three-part course that begins the organizing, plan writing, financial management and operation systems for a worker-owned business.
  • Small Business Incubator Development – A two-part course to facilitate the education, training, planning and organizational requirements for the creation of business incubators.

Build a Successful, Profitable Employee-Owned Business

  • Business Plans and Financial Proposal Writing Program
  • Customized business relationship systems compatible with community needs and goals.
  • Financial analysis and planning – Prepare program financial analysis and projections.
  • Needs assessment and resource analysis – Profile and stratify local business base, define needs, evaluate opportunities and obstacles.
  • Analysis of current and potential commercial assets – Evaluate land-use and commercial assets to improve utilization and productivity.
  • Small business and entrepreneur growth programs – Provide management, business startup and business expansion training and business plan writing.

 Build Wealth Democratically Income-producing Property

Site Selection and Acquisition

  • Brokerage Services - Commercial real estate sales and leasing
  • Relocation Planning and due diligence services
  • Financial projections and ROI analysis