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Welcome to the premier site for business planning and development. Early Economics, Inc. is a full service business development firm that specializes in local democratic ownership and management of businesses. This is facilitated through the purchase and sale of investment and commercial real estate and business enterprises. We provide a wide range of related consulting services.

 We specialize in Democratic Economic Education and Planning. Our goal is to promote and encourage the expansion of economic development through democratic  ownership and management of business operations. Our services promote the growth of private, for-profit businesses that increase local control of economic development.

Economic Democracy refers to economic systems that are designed for the greatest economic good for the greatest number of people. Economic Democracy is the future of economic systems for the 21st century. It is fundamentally a different form of business organization and it is the solution to the expanding failures we observe in the  economies of many nations. It is based on the principle of the elevation of the rights of humans, particularly workers’, to equal or surpass the rights of the of capital and absentee owners . This system will also reduce the widening divide between the rich and the rest of the human race that has resulted from historic economic systems of Europe and America. It broadens the base of business owners to include the majority of the population, rather than to only a small minority. History has shown that stable long-term growth must include dispersing the ownership and control of commercial systems as widely as possible.